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The track hit No. .

priaj sa mnom i ja u te sluati.

The star released the song last week.

. Jan 12, 2023 Shakiras new song slams Piqu and Clara read the translated lyrics, so you can be the judge The Colombian sensation slams her athlete ex and his new younger girlfriend with an empowering song. Oct 20, 2022 Everything is cold like Christmas.


. bit u jaka samo zbog tebe. .

. May 12, 2023 The complete English lyrics.

ponekad trimo, ali ne stiemo.

da ne vidi moju slabost.

I&39;m not coming back here, I don&39;t want another disappointment. Never doubt that I will be here.

. .

Sometimes we run, but we dont arrive.
You can watch the video of Shakiras new.

But now I&39;m focusing on myself.


. May 15, 2023. .

. . . And to be with you. youre no longer. It is better that this is over now (Now, now) Do not repeat to me again, that I already saw it (I already saw it) That I love you, but its that I love myself more (More me) Its a necessary goodbye.

A she-wolf like me isn&39;t for guys like you.

da ne vidi moju slabost. To get you on like, "Ahh" Be careful, amigo.

Im here for.

May 12, 2023 S ince news broke that Shakira was going to release a new song, fans from around the world couldn&39;t wait to listen to the lyrics and find out whether she used the song to aim digs at former.



Sometimes we run, but we dont arrive.